the "plan"

I mentioned that I contacted a personal trainer. I finally got to see him. He's at a different CF box - which seems weird. But what he had to say made so much sense. And he gave me the FMS - no one has ever done that before. Predictibly, I have good movement scores, except the range of motion in my shoulders.

In preparing for the meeting, I did a lot of thinking about my goals, and I had a really hard time finding some that made sense. The "weigh this much" or "wear this size" type goals are not motivating me. So what do I really want? I know a few things that I "need" for my own sanity - be able to put on a bathing suit and not worry, not be constantly uncomfortable in my clothes ... those are important to my personal mental health. Is this enough? It hasn't been lately. We left my goal as "not be in pain." That seems pretty important. But every article on successfully maintaining a healthy lifestyle seems to come back to goals that are motivating and emotional or maybe tied to an event. Is looking good going to sustain me another 20 years?

I feel pretty good the last few weeks with a lower volume of CF - lower volume and/or intensity in general, actually. A few more at home workouts on TRX or with bodyweight movements and a couple yoga classes. Plus just being a little mindful of how I am eating. Pretty simple stuff, really.

Last thing, I think I realized that I don't really like yoga. I like one particular class, and I never make it bacause of the time. I think that means I don't really like it all that much. I wanted to love it - I just don't. So what to do instead?

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