Follow up to Consistency: Time for a Change

I’ve finally followed a plan for 6 weeks! No small feat let me tell you. I am Queen of All the Shiny Things.
I was doing a 3 day a week lifting routine (upper/lower/full) with added HIIT/cardio and some mod intensity cardio. As I sit here and look at my log book, I see that I generally followed this with one HIIT and one mod intensity cardio (like treadmill hills or elliptical) per week plus some yoga, a cycle class, and lot of walking on “off” days (non-lift days). I’ve been eating pretty well but not tracking. There was a weekend that was a little dicey and at least one pizza night, but otherwise, mostly home prepared stuff. If I had any complaints, it would be that my vegetable intake has declined - weird, given the season, but I’ve been busy and away on some weekends, which cuts into shopping and prep time. Overall, though, pretty good.
So how is it going? Not like I thought.
The Pros: I'm stronger. I had lost some strength after quitting CrossFit and generally not doing as much lifting, but it's coming back, especially upper body. Lower body has been a little more frustrating, but slowly I think I'll get there. At first, I felt great. And I liked the workouts.
The Cons: I gained weight. And I'm pretty sure we aren't talking muscle. Maybe a little, but something happened in the last week or two and - boom - three pounds of what seems to be ALL belly fat.
Is something else going on? Hormones? Stress? Sleep issues? Maybe. But, I'm not getting the results I want so now, only after I've stuck with it for a while!, I'm switching it up.
What are the results I want?
1) I want to lose weight - fat, specifically and hopefully obviously. My specific long term goal is 115 pounds (last weigh in about two weeks ago was 129 (and I said HOLY SH$&)). Short term goal is 123 pounds. Short term = 6 weeks.
2) I want to maintain my strength, maybe even gain some.
3) I'd love what I call my "old lady body" to change a little bit back to a NOT old lady body. I may be exaggerating the old lady-ness of it.
4) I want it to be as fun as possible.
I found a bodyweight workout - short workouts of rotating upper/lower/cardio circuits. I'm going to try this, doing a circuit 3-6 days per week. I will also do some lifting - mostly squat, deadlift, chest press, and pullups - and at least one spin and one yoga class a week. And I will keep my steps at 10,000 per day. Despite my walking on off days in my previous cycle, I wasn't always getting my steps in, and in months past that has seemed to be a key point in my shedding some pounds. Although, I've only gotten down a few pounds overall so who knows what the key is. I sure don't. I'm trying to find it!
I have started tracking my food again, staying below my calorie limit (with exercise accounted for so I don't eat TOO little). I've been maintaining just below my calorie goal almost every day for almost two weeks. Keep on keeping on.
And I bought some new clothes. More on that next time. Promise it will not be as long as this one took.



3 weeks. That’s how long I’ve been consistent with the program I picked (found). I’ve been increasing weights and not missing a workout. And it feels like FOREVER. But that’s okay. I know I get bored. It’s my thing. Even if I’m good at something I just want something new. Sometimes it takes months or even years before I’m bored, but it happens. My husband is a little worried ;)

Am I bored with this program yet? Maybe. It’s not that I’m just bored, but there are a few things lacking in this program – shoulder work, for example. And it’s a free program from a website, so I doubt it’s meant to be a long-term solution.

So what will I do? I’m not sure yet. I finally did miss my session yesterday, so today I am combining the “full body” and “upper body” workouts into some hybrid workout (I’m going out of town tomorrow and know I won’t lift again until Sunday or Monday). On Sunday, I’ll look back and see what’s what. I already found something I’m interested in using – it’s a pretty intense paid program that is made for "working people." 2 lift days with 3 optional workouts. Hey, what a concept. Reality.

Oh, and progress in these three weeks? Lifts are up in weight and/or reps, so yes, progress. I feel good. I haven’t really weighed myself and definitely haven’t measured. I guess I should do some of that.

For today, I’ll hit the gym with my planned workout.