What the...what?

I weighed myself this morning. Yes, I am aware of the debate about the scale, but it is still a decent measure for me and my goals. I don't need some insane number on the scale (don't I?), but I can tell when things are out of control.

And they are.

I have no idea what is going on. I haven't been working out quite as much. The injuries are holding me back in some ways, but I added a little running and slower lifting to try to help make up for it. Generally, I am still doing CF 2x per week and at least two other days of exercise (one with a personal trainer, concentrating on core and shoulder issues), and everyday I try to hit my Fuel points (i.e., steps per day, moving around). I've been watching what I eat (more vegetables, less chocolate!), Paleo with no grains ... hell, I even just started no dairy (granted, I just started that). And I've been getting more sleep!

The result? 5 pounds gained.

And it's not just the scale. My clothes are tight, and I feel, well, fat.

I have jumped to a system where I try to eat my carbs at night or right after my workout, and this is pretty new, so I will stick with it for another week and see what is happening. I'm sure it will take more than one week to figure out what is going on, but I can usually tell after one week (definitely two) if something seems to be working.

On another note: I started the oil cleansing method a few weeks ago and have switched to almost all natural products for hair and body care. My skin looks much better. I still have a few breakouts, but nothing like I used to have (especially if I keep my hands off my face!). It's kinda fun mixing the oils and experimenting.

My hair is adjusting to regular "just soap" shampoo (I can't do no shampoo...) and vinegar rinse. We'll see about that. I am not good with hair. The only thing I can't quite find is a good natural deodorant. The baking soda/oil thing leaves me not as fresh as I'd like (trying one sold by Bubble and Bee - not quite finding the right mix...).

It's not that easy - much of what I'm using is coming over the internet. Hardly anything without additives is available in stores. Except my oils - although I still had to order a few things for my homemade toner from Mountain Rose Herbs. I have not received those yet, but I'm hoping for a better smell than vinegar (and some added skin benefits). I still have some itchy skin on my legs - skin oil doesn't seem to solve that wintery puzzle.

Oh, vinegar and baking soda. My new best friends.

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