Day 3

So far, not much to report. Having started my experiment mid-week, I did not have a great selection of food with which to follow the BTFFTM meal plan. BTFFTM is, essentially, 6 meals, each with protein, a "starchy" carb (oat/rice/potato/squash), and either a dairy/fruit (morning) or a fibrous carb (vege in PM meals).   I forgot how tedious 6 meals a day can be.  But I also remembered why I did it in the first place.  Even with larger and/or paleo meals, I'd be starving by lunch, starving by dinner...and then do what the magazines always say: Eat. Anything. In. Sight. Bad!  What I've added, basically, is some oatmeal to Meal 1 and sometimes rice to Meal 2/3.  We are talking 1 real serving (1/4 cup uncooked or thereabouts).  In the event I don't eat rice, it's been butternut squash for the "starchy" carb the meal plan calls for. I plan to do the lower carb option, so the "starchy" will be in Meals 1-3 but not, mostly, in 4-6.  Or some combination thereof.  This week I managed more like 5 meals a day, not 6.

I weighed in 3 lbs. lighter yesterday, but I don't really know where that 3 lbs. came from in the first place. They were "new." I haven't slept well all week, but that was even before any change in diet.  Last night was much better.  Dreams of Justin Timberlake.  Really?  Yes.  Also, I haven't felt much upset in my digestive system or anything else.  So far, so good.

And now, great landscape.
Portland, ME

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