Experiment Within the Experiment and Unintentional

As is made plain by just about everyone, especially this time of year, one of the hardest things about trying to be healthy, especially trying to be careful about what you eat, is going out. It can be going to a restaurant (no control over what they use) or even a friend's or family member's house. Either way, you can get stuck eating something you just don't want to eat. There are ways to deal with this, but every once in a while, you just have to suck it up (or down, as in eating).

This happened to me this week. I was already having doubts about this whole thing - I was a little more bloated than usual and was feeling "loose" - how can I explain that? Jiggly? I don't know, but not "normal." Other factors may have contributed to this, so I told myself that one month is not that much, it won't kill me, keep going or you won't know, etc.

Then, earlier this week, I had a social event at which the dinner - and really the only option - included pasta. Lots. I was starving. I don't want to be rude in these situations. I ate it. It was good. I had some wine. I had heartburn. I couldn't sleep. I. Felt. Awful.

It's hard to know if it was simply the wheat to which I reacted so strongly, but I know it has to be part of it. I believe if I have a bit of bread or a bite of pasta here and there, I'm okay, but a whole meal? And then add the alcohol, and I'm really asking for trouble. I concluded some time ago that alcohol is NOT my friend. But it's hard for me to say no to wine. Maybe not anymore.

Where does that leave me? I think it leaves me wanting my paleo back. How have a felt? First few days were fine ... but I think that always happens. The last couple days I've had some digestive issues (still related to the wheat? I don't know), and I've had what seems to be some water retention (i.e., the bloating continues from the weekend). My performance in the gym also seems to have suffered this week to some extent - more how I feel than my actual times/weights/etc. I just feel slow, tired, spent, out of gas.

There are so many variables when doing something like this. My sleep was bad for several nights - now I have had a couple of better nights. Stress at work is up a bit. Stress over a few personal things (uh, holidays?) is up a bit. How can we ever single out one thing - food - and figure out how it's affecting us? It's hard to do a not-so-scientific experiment.

One thing I have noticed is that my skin has been pretty clear. Reason? I believe it has to do with keeping my damn hands off of my face. I have heard it so many times ... Does that mean my diet has no real effect on my skin? We'll see.

Things I have been eating - yogurt, some rice products. The last oatmeal I ate was Monday. That might get nixed. Kombucha. Coffee with cream. Chicken. Sausage. Spaghetti squash. Tuna. Salads. Veggies. Bananas. Apples (just one, really). Taking a swig of cod oil liver here and there. Water (trying to drink more). Chocolate (!).

We did Cindy today. Rx. It hurts. :)
Now some sunshine.

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