December Resolutions

I have been Paleo for so long  I was pretty strict for quite some time, but I think I have become more of what Robb Wolf has just labeled a WTF Paleo eater.  Not as bad as his example, but I recognized what he was saying.  To be fair, this is only recently. Why? Frustration. Because I'm looking for some changes in my body and the way I feel.  And I have proof that my body comp hasn't changed in years. Well, at least my measurements (and if you can't rely on that, what can you rely on?). Since 2009. And that's about when I got really serious with Paleo/Primal. Coincidence?

Well, I intend to at least try to find out by changing what I've been doing.

There is debate about Paleo. There is always debate. Are there safe starches? Do you have to be low carb? Are some grains okay? Check out Paul Jaminet, for example. Then there are those that think Paleo is too restrictive and not really necessary. I was pretty convinced it was better for your health. I have convinced myself that I feel better. Fewer blood sugar swings, for one thing (but didn't that happen on general low-carb, as well? Yes). And I think, although it's hard for me to say for sure, that I have less stomach problems (but do I know? No).

I was always pretty healthy as measured by blood work and work capacity. I could play sports, I had low cholesterol numbers. Nothing was wrong with me, except my bad case of acne, some migraines, and horrible body image. :) What's changed on Paleo? Not much.

By all accounts, Paleo is the panacea. But - did my acne improve? No. Did I lose any "weight?" No. Did I still have some weird gastro issues? Yes. Has my body changed? No. I even added Crossfit workouts. No. Change. Period.

In fact, I think I'm a little bigger because of all the lifting. I know, bigger does not equal worse. If I were a muscled hunkofawesome it would be one thing, but I am not. It's not really what I've been going for.

So...what to do? Change it up. My n=1 experiment. I'm not talking jumping off the deep end into low-fat hell with no vision of what I've just done for three years. I have a guide that includes staying gluten-free but adding a few grains (rice and oats, mostly). And eating a bit more dairy. Trying to satiate when I eat, which just isn't happening anymore. (Have I tried adding fat? Yes.)

Measurements, to, you know, chart progress:

Accu-Measure just above the hip bone - 12 mm
Waist - 28.25"
Hips - 34.5"
Thigh (r) - 18.75"
Weight - around 120 (123 yesterday)
Height - 161"

Measurements are better than June 2011 but larger than April 2011.  And they are similar to May 2012 measurements, with the exception that my hips have gotten bigger by 1 inch (all that squatting??). These are larger, by far, than the 2008 measurements I have on file (where I was, for example, 113 pounds). 4 years is a while, yes. But I had stayed pretty stable for many years before that. And always I have lifted weights, exercised, etc. Question mark, question mark.

I want to pay attention to my measurements, sure, but I also want to log how I feel.  Hopefully, I will remember to just randomly record this so as to have a running, realtime log of what makes me feel awful, if anything. I'm hoping nothing.

(Crossfit stays. I love it. And I'm stronger than ever. So that's something. But exercise will change a bit as well. Stay tuned, if you care or are at least intrigued. And I know I am a little obsessive about this. I hope to break this habit as well. Blogging my experiment may not be the best choice for that. Whatever. Maybe turning 40 has made me even crazier than before.)

And now, a cute cat:

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