3 weeks. That’s how long I’ve been consistent with the program I picked (found). I’ve been increasing weights and not missing a workout. And it feels like FOREVER. But that’s okay. I know I get bored. It’s my thing. Even if I’m good at something I just want something new. Sometimes it takes months or even years before I’m bored, but it happens. My husband is a little worried ;)

Am I bored with this program yet? Maybe. It’s not that I’m just bored, but there are a few things lacking in this program – shoulder work, for example. And it’s a free program from a website, so I doubt it’s meant to be a long-term solution.

So what will I do? I’m not sure yet. I finally did miss my session yesterday, so today I am combining the “full body” and “upper body” workouts into some hybrid workout (I’m going out of town tomorrow and know I won’t lift again until Sunday or Monday). On Sunday, I’ll look back and see what’s what. I already found something I’m interested in using – it’s a pretty intense paid program that is made for "working people." 2 lift days with 3 optional workouts. Hey, what a concept. Reality.

Oh, and progress in these three weeks? Lifts are up in weight and/or reps, so yes, progress. I feel good. I haven’t really weighed myself and definitely haven’t measured. I guess I should do some of that.

For today, I’ll hit the gym with my planned workout.

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