Rare Day Off

It is May 31. 2016. It is Tuesday. I took the day off. Monday was a holiday. Math = 4 day weekend!

I have a plan for today and then there is reality. Reality usually wins. But, today the plan is to:

Workout (new plan! as usual?)
Get Clean!
Go shopping for a few work clothes.
Make lunches.
Go to Pub Trivia!

Not too much. If I can fit in getting a new phone, I might do that. But they are so expensive. $600 to replace something that basically works? Ugh.

And because this is Real Life Fitness, the new program should be something like this (from Girls Gone Strong):

Monday - Moderate Intensity Cardio
Tuesday - Lower Body and HIIT/MRT (but I did HIIT yesterday, so I'll skip that today)
Wednesday - OFF
Thursday - Yoga
Friday - Full Body
Saturday - Moderate Intensity Cardio
Sunday - Upper Body and HIIT/MRT

Let's do it! Which means, I best get off my ass and to the gym :P

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